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Holistic wellness and care for golden years, the cornerstone of Sunway Sanctuary


At any age, health and wellness are the foundation to a good life. The adage “health is wealth” has prevailed through time and remains relevant today.

Getting older is inevitable. While age is not something within our control, making smart choices and informed decisions along the way will ensure that the golden years are also the best years.

From the food consumed to retirement goals, keeping the body tuned up and mind tuned in are essential.

Which is why, lifestyle, health and well-being come together under one roof for the retirees and semi-retirees at the flagship senior living residence in Malaysia by Sunway Healthcare Group.

Sunway Sanctuary Deluxe Studio

Integrating sophisticated hotel-like hospitality with extensive medical services and facilities overseen by Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway Sanctuary presents an upscale fully serviced residence for seniors looking for a space of complete holistic wellness to bring out the best of their golden years.

Feeding the Mind, Body and Soul Staying active will lead to changes in muscles at the cellular level, essentially reversing the natural decline that occurs with ageing.

Maintaining an active lifestyle has been shown to reduce the risk for diabetes and heart disease and improve metabolic function in liver, fat and muscle tissue.

The wellness centre

At Sunway Sanctuary, physical activities such as aerobic exercises, short morning walks, and tai chi establish a routine and help keep a person from slowing down.

More targeted exercises like muscle strengthening and hydrotherapy are also available. The best eating strategy for ageing well are based on whole, real foods that don’t come in packages.

Residents are invited to grocery shopping, cooking classes, and even talks for tips on healthy eating. Meals are curated by certified nutritionists for nourishment and along with it, a positive impact on physical health.

Staying healthy means taking care of the body as well as the mind. Most of what we do to keep our bodies fit is also good for the brain.

A crucial component, cognitive health can be maintained or improved through consistent engagement.

To ensure a wholesome wellness experience, professionals have curated programs to engage both the mind and body at Sunway Sanctuary.

Some examples include playing board and problem-solving games such as mahjong, jenga, chess, snakes, pop quiz, bingo, sudoku, word and jigsaw puzzles, and many more.

Art can also inspire the body and mind. Diverse activities like music, dance, painting, singing, scrapbooking, and storytelling add meaning, joy and a vibrant sense of well-being to the lives of older people.

Sunway Sanctuary offers two types of subscriptions:

▪ The Independent Living Service is perfect for those who are healthy and able to live on their own, supported by the convenience of services such as meal provisions, laundry services, cleaning services, transportation, and social activities.

▪ The Assisted Living Service provides a minimum to moderate level of care for seniors who need assistance with daily living (ADL) such as bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding, transferring and mobility.

Packages start from RM8,050.00 per month for Independent Living Package and from RM8,850.00 per month for Assisted Living Package They are open to retirees or semi-retirees from 55 years and beyond.

▪ Trial the services at Sunway Sanctuary with a 3D2N Discovery Getaway or a 6D5N Exquisite Staycation starting from only RM1,500.

▪ Packages include room upgrade, wellness programs, food and beverage, housekeeping, leisure and recreation features. They are also open to international travelers staying for extended amounts of time whether for seasonal getaways or medical recuperation.

▪ Packages for international travelers may include airport transfer and Malaysian cultural activities.

For more information or to make a reservation, visit the official website www.sunwaysanctuary.com.my or call +6019 313 0061.

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