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Malaysian runners shine in Under Armour’s first-ever UA Dual Night Race 

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UNDER Armour kicks off their first-ever night race, the UA Dual Race, celebrating teamwork. The 21.1km event saw Malaysian runners and their partners come together to participate in a relay race, where each team member had to complete a 10.5km night race leg at Sunway’s BRT Station, recently.

“We are deeply moved by the unwavering teamwork exhibited by the runners as they pushed beyond exhaustion to conquer the 10.5km stretch, each eager to pass the baton to their teammate.

This display of resilience mirrors our motto of ‘Protect This House,’ championing teamwork, grit, and unwavering belief. Witnessing their determination reaffirms our commitment to fostering a community where every individual embraces their inner strength and works collectively towards a shared goal,” said Mardzlina Ismail, Senior Marketing Manager, Under Armour Malaysia.

Notable runners spotted during the race included celebrity actor Alif Muhaimin, content curator Eizman, celebrity actress and TV host Shaza, celebrity actor and coach Andy Teh, and Under Armour Ambassador and ultramarathoner Jeff Lau.

“I had a fantastic time at the UA Dual Race. The enthusiasm and energy from all the runners out there were truly inspiring and motivated me to give it my all. Despite sustaining an injury before the race, I was determined to complete it. Passing the baton to my partner symbolised our commitment to conquering this 21.1km challenge together, preserving and celebrating teamwork,” said Celebrity Actor Alif Muhaimin. 

Actress Shaza, initially on the verge of giving up, was resilient in her determination to continue. “Despite the challenges of completing this race, I persevered, ensuring that both my running partner and I could earn our finisher medals.” As the UA Dual Race tested endurance, Under Armour showcased their latest running collection, highlighting the UA Infinite Pro Breeze designed for long-distance runners. 

With a lighter, airier design and a translucent mesh upper, these shoes are engineered to prevent injuries while ensuring comfort. Featuring innovative UA HOVR™+ cushioning, the shoes were designed to minimise impact, enhance energy return, and propel runners forward with every stride.

Celebrity actor and coach Andy Teh, who was spotted running with the UA Infinite Pro Breeze, mentioned, “During the UA Dual Race, I noticed that the softness of the HOVR+ cushioning gave me the comfort I needed to complete the run.

Designed to complement the UA Infinite Pro Breeze, the UA Launch Elite top and bottom form the perfect gear ensemble. Crafted from Iso-Chill fabric, the UA Launch Elite effectively disperses body heat, offering a cool-to-the-touch sensation, particularly suited for humid conditions. Furthermore, this fabric is sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and features a four-way stretch design for enhanced flexibility.

Under Armour Ambassador and Ultramarathoner Jeff Lau commented, “During my training and preparation for the UA Dual Race, I relied heavily on my UA Launch Elite apparel featuring Iso-Chill fabric to keep my skin cool, which was particularly beneficial in the recent humid weather conditions. These gear choices facilitated my training process and contributed to a smoother running journey leading up to the race.

Both the UA Infinite Pro Breeze and the UA Launch Elite collection are available at all Under Armour Brand Houses nationwide and on the official Under Armour e-commerce platform: https://www.underarmour.com.my/

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