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Ray-Ban opens its largest store in Malaysia at The Exchange TRX


KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Jan – Global eyewear brand Ray-Ban opens its store at The Exchange TRX, marking its fourth and largest store in the country. 

Ray-Ban fans and customers can anticipate a wide array of eyewear, encompassing timeless classics such as the Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Round and Aviators from the Ray-Ban ICONS collection, Ray-Ban Reverse, the exclusive Scuderia Ferrari collection and the Ray-Ban Kids collection at the store. 

The store in The Exchange TRX is located at Lot 1.84.0, 1st Floor, and features the iconic red and black brand colours. The new concept store aimed to create a unique environment that expresses the Ray-Ban identity. 

As the largest Ray-Ban Store in Malaysia, spanning 91 sqm, it showcases an extensive collection of eyewear in dedicated niches. Large vertical mirrors and LED walls display videos from the latest campaigns create an immersive experience for browsing. 

The visually impactful store comes to life with a striking contrast of matte black, silver finishes, and striking red mirrors. 

As a leader in prescription and sun eyewear for generations, Ray-Ban continues to influence culture and fashion with its distinctive eyewear styles that have been worn by celebrities and pop culture icons all over the world, and often seen as a symbol of self-expression. 

Collections to look forward at the Ray-Ban store at The Exchange TRX 

Visitors can look forward to exploring dedicated displays at the Ray-Ban store, showcasing a variety of collections including: 

Ray-Ban ICONS 

The ICON collection features iconic Ray-Ban eyewear such as the highly anticipated Aviator, Clubmaster, Wayfarer, and Round styles. 

Ray-Ban fans can look forward to the famous pieces from the classic metal frames of the Aviator to the thick acetate frames distinctive of the Wayfarer and vintage fashion of the Clubmaster. 

These collections incorporate fashion trends from various decades into a piece of eyewear that is a true testament of the timelessness of Ray-Ban style. 

Ray-Ban Reverse 

Released in May 2023, the Ray-Ban Reverse adds a subtle twist to an iconic look. 

Featuring a concave instead of convex lens, the Ray-Ban Reverse not only upholds the sharp vision experience of Ray-Ban pieces, but further improves it with anti-glare material to protect against light sensitivities and an innovative digital process that calibrates the front and rear of the lens perfectly to help wearers see more clearly at both long and short distances. 

Crafted with consideration for our planet, this sustainability collection utilises a palette of alternative materials, including bio-based nylon lenses with a 41% bio-based carbon content, bio-based acetate frames with a 67% bio-based carbon content and 100% recycled packaging. The unisex collection is available in Wayfarer, Boyfriend, Aviator, and Caravan styles. 

Ray-Ban Kids 

The Ray-Ban Kids collection features classic eyewear choices for children aged 7-10 with a burst of fun using bright colours and playful designs. Incorporating lightweight play-proof material and various degrees of lens tinting the pieces within this collection include Ray-Ban favourites like the Wayfarer, State Street, Aviator styles and more. 

Scuderia Ferrari 

Born from the collaboration between Ray-Ban and racing team Scuderia Ferrari, this select range of sunglasses were inspired by the design of the Formula 1 race car.

From aeronautical grade carbon fibre to race-proof rubbers, an array of polarised lenses, and the signature red frame and Scuderia Ferrari shield, the collection is turbocharged for vision and style. 

The collection also includes the styles worn by none other than Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz themselves. 

Lenses available at the Ray-Ban store at The Exchange TRX 

There are also a variety of iconic lenses that were meticulously designed to address specific needs or to elevate fashion choices available at the Ray-Ban store. 

Ray-Ban will soon be introducing Ray-Ban prescription lenses with the iconic original brand engraving available soon. The prescription lenses come with innovative treatments to enhance vision, such as anti-reflective lenses, smudge and scratch resistance. 

There will also be progressive lenses available for people who require more than one vision correction, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. This, coupled with equipment to conduct eye tests, will enable Ray-Ban to further their commitment to providing quality optical experiences for their visitors.

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